The Cove

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More information contact:

Jorge Bru, 831.459.1417

The Cove:

The Cove is where Slugs for Health and Growth students and guests can meet other members, learn more about recovery, hang out, and participate in fun and supportive activities with other sober students. Students that are questioning their relationship to alcohol and other drugs are welcome as well.

The location:

The Cove is located in the Cowell College mobile modular, between Cowell Provost House and the Community Room - right above the OPERS beach volleyball courts.


The Cove is staffed by student staff and volunteers Monday through Friday from 10 am - 5 pm.


The Cove is a safe space to be in community with other students that are committed to their recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs, are the loved one of someone with an addiction, are someone who wants to support those in recovery, are interested in recovery or just want to meet other students who are clean and sober and looking for community. Slugs for Health and Growth is also for you if you are seeking:

  • Involvement in fun, sober events (on and off-campus)
  • Connections to resources for wellness and support
  • Recovery support and accountability
  • Opportunities to be of service
  • Opportunities to debunk stereotypes and myths about addiction and recovery

The Cove has weekly workshops, recovery meetings and drop in hours for students seeking support from their peers.