Mission, Vision, and Values


Student Health Outreach & Promotion (SHOP) supports the mission of Student Health Services by fostering healthier lifestyle choices to reduce health risk factors, improve overall wellness and maintain a productive, active and successful student body.


SHOP is UCSC’s destination for information, conversation and self-exploration. It’s the place for students to go to learn about health and wellness in a safe, non- judgmental environment. SHOP provides opportunities for students to explore and enhance their health and wellness as they pursue their academic goals.
SHOP offers information, education, resources and support on issues related to Alcohol and other Drugs, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexual Health, Mental Health and other concerns relevant to college students. All UCSC students are welcome and encouraged to drop in and speak with SHOP’s professional and student staff.


  • SHOP distributes useful, timely health information in a straightforward manner.
  • SHOP connects students to appropriate resources, such as healthcare professionals, counselors and peer organizations.
  • SHOP creates an environment in which students feel safe, listened to and respected; a place where students won’t be embarrassed to ask personal questions about topics that may be sensitive such as substance abuse or sexuality.
  • SHOP fosters a collaborative culture that values and supports a healthy community.
  • SHOP assists campus communities is assessing and addressing health-related issues.
  • SHOP strives to use a comprehensive, best practices and data-driven approach to all education, prevention and outreach efforts.