All About Addiction
An addiction-related blog through Psychology Today written by UCLA addiction specialist Dr. Adi Jaffe:

Collegiate Recovery Community Info

The CoveCast: The Covecast is a podcast created by students for students providing an anthology interviews from UCSC Students who have worked toward recovery. It also includes discussion on self care, recovery and harm reduction techniques, as well as reaching out to other groups on campus to discuss things such as the systematic problems associated with drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The Fix
News, interviews, opinion pieces, resources and more about substances, addiction and recovery:

There are several local meditation groups/meetings. There are also some great online recorded meditations created for people with addiction or substance abuse concerns.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous has several weekly meditation meetings for those with concerns about alcohol addiction and abuse (, 831-475-5782).
  • Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (Several links to audio meditations and mindfulness exercises designed to help in recovery from substance abuse, located at bottom of web page; QuickTime software needed to play them):
  • Insight Santa Cruz has many weekly meditation meetings. The group Fierce Hearts is "a meditation group for those upon the rebellious path of turning into experience and meeting it with the heart."

On-Campus Resources

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga classes in Aptos, San Jose and Burlingame that combine yoga asanas with 12 Step teachings: