College Health and Safety

SAFE Peer Educators from SHOP.

College is full of excitement, including meeting new people, learning new things, possibly living away from home, and making your own decisions. But college can also be stressful as you develop new routines, live on a limited budget, and face new opportunities. It can be challenging to juggle responsibilities like attending class, studying long hours, having a social life, working, and staying safe and healthy. The college years are a time of change that brings new challenges, risks, and responsibilities.

It can be overwhelming to try to sort through all of the health information that's available. Separating rumors and myths from reliable facts can take up all of your time.

Whatever source you use, it's important to be a critical consumer of health information. Look for independent, reliable sources of information. Be wary of sites that are trying to sell you specific products or miracle cures--if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Anecdotal reports or testimonials are never as reliable as scientific studies that can be replicated by different researchers.