Students in Recovery

Welcome to Slugs for Health and Growth, the Collegiate Recovery Community at UC Santa Cruz!

UCSC East Field House


What Is a Collegiate Recovery Community?

A Collegiate Recovery Community (sometimes called a Collegiate Recovery Program) is a community of students and others in recovery and supportive of recovery from alcohol and/or other drug addictive disorders who can come together and help each other flourish. Staff and faculty who support and provide services to this community work with students to create an environment that maximizes community members’ potential for personal and academic success. At UC Santa Cruz, the CRC advances the university’s educational, research and public service mission. A CRC typically includes support meetings, counseling and coaching resources, health and wellness services, social activities and networking, mentoring and space in which many of these activities take place. A CRC may also include an on- or off-campus sober living space. Many college campuses have or are creating CRCs.

To read more about CRCs, visit the Association of Recovery in Higher Education and the Transforming Youth Recovery websites.

Who Are We?

Slugs for Health and Growth is an all-inclusive community for students recovering from alcohol and/or other drugs, loved ones of those with addictions, allies, and anyone else who supports recovery. We are a diverse group, varying in ages and lengths of sobriety. Slugs for Health and Growth is supported by staff and faculty at the university and community members. 

Why Have a Collegiate Recovery Community?

Students in recovery from addiction to alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs, behaviors and relationships and their allies make up a growing population at UC Santa Cruz and other colleges across the nation and need support, resources, and services to thrive.  

Additionally, a significant number of students who aren’t in recovery themselves choose to remain substance free for many reasons. UC Santa Cruz recognizes the vital contributions of students in recovery, their allies, and others who are substance free. The university also knows that in order to thrive, these students need support, resources, and services. For these reasons, UC Santa Cruz has built a coalition of students, staff, and faculty who form and support Slugs for Health and Growth, the university’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC).

According to one fourth-year UC Santa Cruz student, “Without the support of my peers and those who contribute to and help maintain my recovery, I would be lost. Lost in the deep black hole that is addiction. To uphold my recovery I must surround myself with those people who nourish my life; those people are the ones who have a deep understanding of where I have come from and the challenges that lie ahead.  Synergistically, we work together to achieve what none of us believed we could do on our own.”