The Condom Co-Op

Three students posing with a condom co-op tablecloth and table set-upCondom Co-Op Hours in the Student Health Center:

You can purchase condoms and other safer sex supplies at SHOP or at the Health Center Pharmacy right next to SHOP in the Student Health Center.

Health Center Pharmacy Hours

The Condom Co-op provides condoms, dental dams, lubricants and other safer sex supplies to the campus community at a lower cost than you would find anywhere else. Students staff the Co-op at various places and times around campus.

Students can purchase safer sex supplies by visiting the Health Center Pharmacy.

SHOP's Condom Co-Op sells the following products. 

Condom Co-Op volunteer

Condoms (8 for $1.00!)

  • LifeStyles
  • Trojan
  • Kimono
  • One
  • Atlas
  • Crown
  • Glyde

Receptive Condoms (.75 each)

Dental Dams (.75 each)

Lube (small tube $.50; large bottle $5.00; large bottle $8.00 glycerin and paraben free)

*Silicone; Water-based & Glycerin and paraben-free

Pregnancy Tests ($3.00)

Gloves (.50 for 6)